Exploring new opportunities with Forin in 2024

Exploring new opportunities with Forin in 2024

Hello Forin peeps!

Happy New Year! We hope 2024 will bring prosperity and a lot of new opportunities to grow, to learn and to be better than we were in 2023.

Speaking of opportunities, in 2024 Forin Logistics team would like to present our annual content that would definitely give you a head start in starting something new and/or expanding your current business. We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by remarkable resources in Indonesia, so much so that we feel like it is such a waste to not cultivate and utilise it to further improve Indonesia.

This annual content will cover most of Indonesia’s top export commodities as well as other underdog commodities with lots of potential. We will showcase our monthly commodity on Instagram and we will cover all the things you need to know to start exporting each commodity here at Forin webpage at the end of the month.

Our aim is to assist and guide you so that your export and import experience goes smoothly.
We will provide a list of the requirements necessary for you to kickstart your export business, such as:
Export/Import License (NIB – Nomor Induk Berusaha)
Tax ID (NPWP – Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)
CIPL – Commercial Invoice Packing List

These are the most fundamental requirements you need to have before starting your export/import endeavor. Depending on your designated countries, there is a chance you need more than what is listed here. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly admin to consult and stay tuned on our monthly topic!

Image by Wisnu Yudowibowo can be found here

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